Omelette maker-shape ring 

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Omelette maker-shape ring 

Size : 10cm x 2cm
Material :
Reusable, soft, non-slip, shock-proof, heat resistant, oil resistant, easy to clean, not easy ageing, not easy to fade away
Heat resistance from – 40 to 446F/230C, and the unique design with stay-cool handle makes it easy to use,

Note : Need use water washing to put in hot water disinfection before use,
after use should be store clean dry place and avoid direct sunlight

Features :

1> Egg rings are reusable and practical. Non stick silicone makes removal and clean up a breeze. Simply rinse in soapy water and dishwasher safe. The retractable handle for cooking with lid and easy storage
2> Heat up the pan with some oil, put down the egg rings, and crack an egg into Kitchen’s Egg Ring. Perfect round shaped pancakes and eggs in seconds. The egg will fry into a perfect circular shape and will not leak.
3>Get awesome eggs, pancakes every time, perfect to cook your entire family the perfect breakfast!

Package  Included :

1 x Omelette Maker Mold


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