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Manual herb grinder

-Easily and quickly chop or mince fresh herbs. 
-The microplane herb mill chops and cuts without ripping, bruising and blemishing.
 -Prepare medicinal and tea herbs like basil, dill, thyme, cilantro, sage, mint and many more with a quick and twist of the wrist.
-Clean up is fast and easy and the microplane herb mill is dishwasher safe.
-Removable top to easily load a large quantity of fresh herbs.

-Ergonomic herb mill designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Operation :
Remove top from herb mill.
Remove thoroughly dry herbs from their stem and place into either side of the Insert.
Replace top into the body.
Firmly grip the body with one hand and the top with the other hand. Hold the herb mill over a container to collect the herbs.
While gently applying downward force, twist the top in a back-and-forth motion. A built-in stop will let you know when to change directions.

Specification :

Material  Plastic Body
Blades Material Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Color  Green And White
Weight  230g
Size  6 X 2.7 Inches

Package Includes :

1 x Manual Herb Grinder





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