Waterproof keypad

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1. High quality material. It’s soft and durable, comfortable touch.
2. Environmental protection, use of imported high-grade medical silicone materials, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless.
3. Fully sealed design, waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil, anti-acid, can be used in any harsh environment, and can disinfect and clean water.
4. Can be curled into the bag, easy to carry, to save space.
5. The mute, hit mute, can be completely silent, not afraid to sleep affect the family.
6. Good elasticity, soft touch feel comfortable, warm, finger protection from harm.
7. The unique surface treatment, so that key words will never fall off, do not fade.
8. Special design and production process, so that the keyboard is lean, without any metal gong nails, reliable performance and stability.
9. USB and PS / 2 interface converter.

1.Size: 40.5*12.5*0.95cm
2.USB Cable Length: About 150cm
3.Color: Black
4.Material: Silicone
5.Interface: USB2.0
6.Key number: 103 Keys
7.Key life: 15 Million times
8.Operating temperature: -30~80℃ /-22~176-℉
9.LED indicator: Numeric keys, capitalization
10.Right side with numeric keypad

Package included:
1 x 103 Keys Waterproof Keypad with A USB Connector

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