Automatic fish feeder

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1. This product can be automatically fed to fish at regular intervals.Thus avoiding the worry and annoyance that the host can’t feed the fish in time.Protect the fish’s health, timing accurate, automatic feeding, easy to operate.
2. It is suitable for feeding of fish feed, and the feeding amount can be adjusted according to actual needs.
3. Feeding once every 12 hours /24 hours.
4. The machine comes with a 50g/100g feed box each, which can meet all kinds of needs.
5. When used, the machine can stand or stand on the edge of the fish tank. It is easy to operate.
6. This product is an ideal helper for aquarium hobbyists to travel during the holidays or rush hours.
1.Model: AK-01
2.Power supply mode: 2pcs AA batteries
3.Feed box’s capacity: 50g, 100g
4.Suited tank thickness: ≤17mm
5.Size of Automatic fish feeder (L*W*H) : 5*8*14cm
6.Feed box’s height:
   Large size: 7 cm
   Small size: 4 cm
7.Feed box’s bottom diameter 8cm
8.Weight: 360g
1.This product does not contain batteries.
2.Electronic circuits are built in the product, it cannot fall into the water.
3.Please switch to the minimum when installing, to prevent the fish grain from falling and causing unnecessary waste.
Package include
1 x Automatic fish feeder
2 x feed box


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